Samstag, 15. März 2008

Who is G. Gras?

Some asked me "are u a relative of this famous german Butt-Painter... little Drummerboy"?

I’m sorry to say - no!
One big difference is the name. My name is G. Gras cause I always was fascinated by females and psycho delicatessen. Women and Herbs gave me the best experiences I had in my life - Thats where my name came from.

The famous german guy is called G. GraSS. You may laugh now and say, yes I know he told us for a while - funny that he has it in his name all the time....maybe not so funny for himself - a Stigma.

I was always a fan of GG’s beard. For me it looks a bit like a big old friendly sea-elephant or something in this direction and I like the Blechtrommel, specially the scene with the girl, the boy and the sweet powder...
"Das Prickeln in meinem Bauchnabel" is the burped wheatbeerecho from now...

g. gras

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