Sonntag, 23. März 2008

G.Gras erkärt die Welt...

Europa ist weiblich!

Nachdem wir Europäer die sogenannten Entwicklungsländer über viele Jahrhunderte ausgebeutet und versklavt haben, ist es an der Zeit, endlich etwas zurückzugeben - und zwar hier und jetzt.

...more to come

Samstag, 15. März 2008

Who is G. Gras?

Some asked me "are u a relative of this famous german Butt-Painter... little Drummerboy"?

I’m sorry to say - no!
One big difference is the name. My name is G. Gras cause I always was fascinated by females and psycho delicatessen. Women and Herbs gave me the best experiences I had in my life - Thats where my name came from.

The famous german guy is called G. GraSS. You may laugh now and say, yes I know he told us for a while - funny that he has it in his name all the time....maybe not so funny for himself - a Stigma.

I was always a fan of GG’s beard. For me it looks a bit like a big old friendly sea-elephant or something in this direction and I like the Blechtrommel, specially the scene with the girl, the boy and the sweet powder...
"Das Prickeln in meinem Bauchnabel" is the burped wheatbeerecho from now...

g. gras

Sonntag, 9. März 2008

Electronic Tantra FushiMushi Meditation

Nu Videos from my last Double Album
"Electronic Tantra FushiMushi Meditation".
Get it for free @
My Videos with tone are on many videosites. Try blip tv.

Samstag, 8. März 2008

Art @ Medienwerkstatt

This is one Picture of a Series I made in 2005.
Its called "Berlin House".

Check it out @

Tuh Pa starts here


this blog is about my music, art and videos.

Between this u will find excerpts from a very special book.
Its called "Imagine" from my very ahem close friend G. Gras.
I'm not shure if I can manage to translate it in english but maybe I will with yer help.